Innovative and Effective

What I’m finding is across the board all of the kids have some success with Stepping Stones because it reaches the needs of all your learners.

Jana Brock - Kindergarten Teacher, Woodland Elementary in Lacey, Washington

Stepping Stones is great for us because there are so many components - activities, games, stories, and worksheets. The kids are engaged because the teachers are engaged.

DeAnna Ballard - K-12 Math Specialist, Trumann School District in Arkansas

Stepping Stones is the most thorough, consistent, and developmentally appropriate curriculum. The curriculum was written to support the content and the INTENT of the standards. It is not just ‘aligned,’ it is directly written for the standards.

Becky Reister - Regional Coordinator, Kentucky Center for Mathematics

If you would have told me at the beginning of the year that my students would be able to learn what they know now in math via Stepping Stones, I would not have believed it. Also, the common core is a HUGE change and will take the kids (and teachers) a few years to get into the swing of. The kids are capable of doing math that I never dreamed they could do. They are able to “tinker”, work through a problem to solution, talk about math in ways I’ve never heard before. They are mentally stronger in math than I’ve experienced before. Oh, and for good measure, number lines really do work!

Cindy Williams, 2nd grade teacher Lydia Hawk Elementary

My district uses the ORIGO Stepping Stones program and I love it! I have seen my students confidence and ability in math grow tremendously this school year!

Jillian Myers, 1st grade Bentonville Public Schools

We are noticing that kids are operating mathematically at much higher level, earlier.

Joe Belmonte, Executive Director of Elementary Education, North Thurston Public Schools





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